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Breaking Through the Status Quo

Andy provides an eye-opening look at the healthcare industry tying in personal stories as a healthcare strategist and former professional athlete to motivate audiences to implement strategies that:

  • Significantly reduce health insurance costs
  • Improve how employees purchase healthcare services
  • Financially enrich employees
  • Eliminate benefit spend “waste”
  • Enhance the benefits
  • Offer proven strategies


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  • 5
    The audience appreciated Andy's ability to break down the complexities of the health insurance and healthcare industries using stories and analogies that are easy to understand. His takeaways were clear and straightforward.   Here are some of the comments we received from attendees:   "Great speaker! I would love to see him again." "Very timely with open enrollment currently pending at my company."   Andy's presentation was insightful and educational. I would recommend him as a keynote speaker for your next event.
    Co-Director, Education Mile High SHRM
  • 5
    He weaved his expertise in the health insurance industry with his experience as a professional athlete into a presentation that was thought-provoking for our members. His humor and insight were a perfect fit for our event. Here are some of the comments I received from attendees: “Best speaker I’ve heard in a very long time!” “Andy’s humor and storytelling created an engaging learning experience.” “Andy has a unique ability to help an audience think differently about healthcare and the solutions we provide our clients.” In short, Andy was very effective and I would highly recommend him as a keynote speaker for your next event.
    President Elect, Minnesota Association of Health Underwriters
  • 5
    Andy Neary spoke to our group during our largest event of the year, our September 2016 Benefits and Legal Conference. He was the highest rated speaker of the event based on attendee feedback. Andy’s presentation inspired and challenged audience members to think differently and challenge the status quo in healthcare. While many speakers today succumb to “death by PowerPoint,” Andy’s slides were limited and engaging. It was his passion and knowledge that educated and empowered the audience. He not only expanded our perspective, he also shared actionable things we could do immediately to begin to impact change.   Healthcare reform isn’t the most appealing topic. But Andy made it interesting, fun, and inspiring. His approach of using stories and real-life examples of success versus loading the audience down with stats was phenomenal and effective.   I highly recommend Andy Neary as a speaker!
    Treasurer, Boulder Area HR Association
  • 5
    It was obvious that Andy has a very clear passion for what he does. His attitude is so refreshing! His message was loaded with information and most importantly I did not feel like I was being ‘pitched’ to. On the contrary. His message was… Expect more from your broker as well as the healthcare industry of today. The wonderful thing about Andy is he is the picture of health and it was obvious that he wants to help his clients be the best that they can be as well. I personally believe that having the option of self-funding and Direct Primary Care is going to help achieve this goal. As the director of HR in the beer industry, I have already seen the benefits of partial self-funding and direct primary care, as we have offered DPC for four years and we have been partially self-funded for two. Andy appears to be an expert in self-funding health insurance with a personality that would be easy to work with.
    Human Resources Director, Left Hand Brewing
  • 5
    Andy had a great way of breaking it down for the average person to understand.
    Colorado HFMA Fall Rural Conference
  • 5
    He delivered a presentation that was thought-provoking and motivating for all attendees. Especially, those interested in positively impacting their bottom line.
    Community Care Alliance